Nay! I swear by the day of resurrection. [QS. 75:1] ; Nay! I swear by the self-accusing soul. [QS. 75:2] ; Does man think that We shall not gather his bones? [QS. 75:3] ; Yea! We are able to make complete his very fingertips [QS. 75:4] ; Nay! man desires to give the lie to what is before him. [QS. 75:5] ; He asks: When is the day of resurrection? [QS. 75:6] ; So when the sight becomes dazed, [QS. 75:7] ; And the moon becomes dark, [QS. 75:8] ; And the sun and the moon are brought together, [QS. 75:9] ; Man shall say on that day: Whither to fly to? [QS. 75:10] ; By no means! there shall be no place of refuge! [QS. 75:11] ; With your Lord alone shall on that day be the place of rest. [QS. 75:12] ; Man shall on that day be informed of what he sent before and (what he) put off. [QS. 75:13] ; Nay! man is evidence against himself, [QS. 75:14] ; Though he puts forth his excuses. [QS. 75:15] ; Do not move your tongue with it to make haste with it, [QS. 75:16] ; Surely on Us (devolves) the collecting of it and the reciting of it. [QS. 75:17] ; Therefore when We have recited it, follow its recitation. [QS. 75:18] ; Again on Us (devolves) the explaining of it. [QS. 75:19] ; Nay! But you love the present life, [QS. 75:20] ; And neglect the hereafter. [QS. 75:21] ; (Some) faces on that day shall be bright, [QS. 75:22] ; Looking to their Lord. , [QS. 75:23] ; And (other) faces on that day shall be gloomy, [QS. 75:24] ; Knowing that there will be made to befall them some great calamity. [QS. 75:25] ; Nay! When it comes up to the throat, . [QS. 75:26] ; And it is said: Who will be a magician? [QS. 75:27] ; And he is sure that it is the (hour of) parting [QS. 75:28] ; And affliction is combined with affliction; [QS. 75:29] ; To your Lord on that day shall be the driving. [QS. 75:30] ; So he did not accept the truth, nor did he pray, [QS. 75:31] ; But called the truth a lie and turned back, [QS. 75:32] ; Then he went to his followers, walking away in haughtiness. [QS. 75:33] ; Nearer to you (is destruction) and nearer, [QS. 75:34] ; Again (consider how) nearer to you and nearer. [QS. 75:35] ; Does man think that he is to be left to wander without an aim? [QS. 75:36] ; Was he not a small seed in the seminal elements, [QS. 75:37] ; Then he was a clot of blood, so He created (him) then made (him) perfect. [QS. 75:38] ; Then He made of him two kinds, the male and the female. [QS. 75:39] ; Is not He able to give life to the dead? [QS. 75:39].

Selasa, 20 Januari 2009

Don't ( We ) doze.

what every day you (We) do wake up after sleeping in the morning?
Wake up, take a wudhu, Shalat ago sleep again?
Or ... wake up, take a wudhu, Shalat, than sat in front of the TV?
Or ... wake up, take a wudhu, Shalat, then observed one by one good and chattel ( the property that we have ) which we having, who knows there is losing or moving from the place ?
Or ... oversleep up a bit, and make a bath, and hurry to dress and sit on the table for breakfast toast and tea warm ago and then quick ride to get to work?

Do we have ever designedly wake up morning, after Shalat ago standing outside the house looked the sky, waiting for rising The Sun who a lifetime we have been faithful brighten the days of our day?

Doesn't a few passed by quickly are just at your heart (We) fear and doubt that the morning of the sun will not rise that again?
Or, doesn't a few passed by quickly are just in your heart (We) fear and doubt that the morning of the sun does not appear from the Eastern horizon?
Or, are you sure that the sun will come as usual?
Or, do you have forgetten with that all?
Or, do you have not care with that all?

Historical Hadist Abu Zar ra:
On a day that the Prophet said: "you know where the sun go?" Of Friends answer that God and His prophet is more know. Messenger of Allah said again: "The sun goes up until the end to the permanent place under the Throne, and throw themselves prostrate. He (the sun) in circumstances that continue to uttered to him: 'Come up, go back where you came from. "The Sun than returned, so that in the morning rise again rising from the place. Then run, to end at the permanent place under the Throne, and prostrate and remains in such circumstances, until uttered to him: 'Come up, go back where you came from. The sun then returned again, so that the morning show of the rising. Then he goes back a bit without human unaware, until the end to the permanent place under the Throne, and uttered to him: 'Take, rising from the West. So the next morning, the sun rise from the West. Messenger of Allah. Continuing: "Did you when that happens? when that happens: They do not wait aught but that the angels should come to them, or that your Lord should come, or that some of the signs of your Lord should come. On the day when some of the signs of your Lord shall come, its faith shall not profit a soul which did not believe before, or earn good through its faith. Say: Wait; we too are waiting.
[QS. 6: 158].

It is really,when life of the world have made we doze,
If easiness of world have made we forget,
when the delicious of estae, the luxury and cold of our home, have made we forget and don't care, and our religious service only is ritual rutinitity, just drop the obligation, without generating secondhand for heart, our mind and feelings, then, indeed, we are medium towards to wrong way without we realize.

The love of desires, of women and sons and hoarded treasures of gold and silver and well bred horses and cattle and tilth, is made to seem fair to men; this is the provision of the life of this world; and Allah is He with Whom is the good goal (of life). [QS. 3: 14]

Allah amplifies and straitens the means of subsistence for whom He pleases; and they rejoice in this world's life, and this world's life is nothing compared with the hereafter but a temporary enjoyment. [QS. 13:26]

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