Nay! I swear by the day of resurrection. [QS. 75:1] ; Nay! I swear by the self-accusing soul. [QS. 75:2] ; Does man think that We shall not gather his bones? [QS. 75:3] ; Yea! We are able to make complete his very fingertips [QS. 75:4] ; Nay! man desires to give the lie to what is before him. [QS. 75:5] ; He asks: When is the day of resurrection? [QS. 75:6] ; So when the sight becomes dazed, [QS. 75:7] ; And the moon becomes dark, [QS. 75:8] ; And the sun and the moon are brought together, [QS. 75:9] ; Man shall say on that day: Whither to fly to? [QS. 75:10] ; By no means! there shall be no place of refuge! [QS. 75:11] ; With your Lord alone shall on that day be the place of rest. [QS. 75:12] ; Man shall on that day be informed of what he sent before and (what he) put off. [QS. 75:13] ; Nay! man is evidence against himself, [QS. 75:14] ; Though he puts forth his excuses. [QS. 75:15] ; Do not move your tongue with it to make haste with it, [QS. 75:16] ; Surely on Us (devolves) the collecting of it and the reciting of it. [QS. 75:17] ; Therefore when We have recited it, follow its recitation. [QS. 75:18] ; Again on Us (devolves) the explaining of it. [QS. 75:19] ; Nay! But you love the present life, [QS. 75:20] ; And neglect the hereafter. [QS. 75:21] ; (Some) faces on that day shall be bright, [QS. 75:22] ; Looking to their Lord. , [QS. 75:23] ; And (other) faces on that day shall be gloomy, [QS. 75:24] ; Knowing that there will be made to befall them some great calamity. [QS. 75:25] ; Nay! When it comes up to the throat, . [QS. 75:26] ; And it is said: Who will be a magician? [QS. 75:27] ; And he is sure that it is the (hour of) parting [QS. 75:28] ; And affliction is combined with affliction; [QS. 75:29] ; To your Lord on that day shall be the driving. [QS. 75:30] ; So he did not accept the truth, nor did he pray, [QS. 75:31] ; But called the truth a lie and turned back, [QS. 75:32] ; Then he went to his followers, walking away in haughtiness. [QS. 75:33] ; Nearer to you (is destruction) and nearer, [QS. 75:34] ; Again (consider how) nearer to you and nearer. [QS. 75:35] ; Does man think that he is to be left to wander without an aim? [QS. 75:36] ; Was he not a small seed in the seminal elements, [QS. 75:37] ; Then he was a clot of blood, so He created (him) then made (him) perfect. [QS. 75:38] ; Then He made of him two kinds, the male and the female. [QS. 75:39] ; Is not He able to give life to the dead? [QS. 75:39].

Minggu, 11 Januari 2009

Love World cut of the final destination, like as wide as unfold hand become a length between thumb edge.

As with any faith there are many levels and Branch, as well as with Kekufuran ( the heart closed ). The most high of faith is: "La Ilah ha Ilallah Muhammadar Rasulullah" and the lowest is "remove the stone in the road" 1).
While in kekufuran ( the heart closed ), the highest is "taking God besides Allah," and the lowest was "eating delicious while their neighbours hunger." The first, those who do so-called "Mutaqqin" and the second is called "Kafirin".

Indeed, Muslim generation now far different from the generation of Muslim at the time of the Prophet and the Companions. And verily, also, among the many who claim to Muslim now most of them surely is not Muslim. Mutaqqin not the same as Kafirin, because when called mutaqqin if their physical and heart eye and their physical and heart ear does not deaf and blind. Not blind and deaf to the revelations of Allah, both verses of the real (the Scriptures) and the incident that occurred in the Nature of this, that giving guide to one destination, which is "La Ilah ha Ilallah", and that all incident and events that happen in this world have one meaning, purpose and a sign. Not a green leaf that is falling from bough do not have any meaning and significance, and also not the disaster that occurred does not contain meaning and significance.

Islam lose ground after "substance Islamic" abandoned. Love world has to change and simplify the theorem godlike with theorem idea. Love World has been cut off travel "goal rights", like as wide as unfold hand become a length between thumb edge. And that without them realize, as it were, would have been to the "destination", at new until a length between thumb edge from as the as wide as unfold hand should. Love World has also undermine nerves sensitivity of vision and hearing, without they realized their eyes became bleary and their ears to be weak. bleary and weak to be able to see and hear the verses of Allah. Circumstances such as a situation that they unconsciously, as by Love World also, causing the sensors to the nerve awareness (that hearing of they are weak, and eyesight of they are blurry) never come to their awareness of soul nerve, because their mind have made theorems for replacing theorems Godlike. But when the Scripture says:
Say: the things that my Lord hath indeed forbidden are: shameful deeds, whether open or secret; sins and trespasses against truth or reason..." [ QS. 7:33a ], but if when we disobey and make that as mockery, isn't it true same that mean our ear and eye is deaf and blind ? And isn’t the people in the world who was blind eye physical and mind and also was deaf ear physical and mind is included in factions Kafirin?

But when the Scripture says:
Say: If your fathers and your sons and your brethren and your mates and your kinsfolk and property which you have acquired, and the slackness of trade which you fear and dwellings which you like, are dearer to you than Allah and His Messenger and striving in His way, then wait till Allah brings about His command: and Allah does not guide the transgressing people. [ QS.9: 24 ], while as far as eye look into or as weak ear hear, not many people who are lucky (by both the adequacy of wealth and opportunity), the many unfair everywhere, many people who suffer (by narrow and brutality others) , but we keep busy with our business, busy with our children, busy with a husband / wife us, busy with our work, busy with their wealth and joy, peace, and our peacefulness, isn't it true same that mean our ear and eye is deaf and blind ? And isn’t the people in the world who was blind eye physical and mind and also was deaf ear physical and mind is included in factions Kafirin?

Let us to think, including which of us is indeed? Including into whether the Mutaqqin or groups including Kafirin? And indeed, the blind and deaf in the world, later in the day of Resurrection, they will be returned to God in state of blind and deaf.

He said: Get forth you two there from, all (of you), one of you (is) enemy to another. So there will surely come to you guidance from Me, then whoever follows My guidance, he shall not go astray nor be unhappy;
And whoever turns away from My reminder, his shall be a straitened life, and We will raise him on the day of resurrection, blind.
He shall say: My Lord! why hast Thou raised me blind and I was a seeing one indeed?
He will say: Even so, Our communications came to you but you neglected them; even thus shall you be forsaken this day.
And thus do We recompense him who is extravagant and does not believe in the communications of his Lord, and certainly the chastisement of the hereafter is severer and more. [QS. 20:123-127]

And nothing prevented people from believing when the guidance came to them except that they said: What! has Allah raised up a mortal to be a messenger?
Say: Had there been in the earth angels walking about as settlers, We would certainly have sent down to them from the heaven an angel as a messenger.
Say: Allah suffices as a witness between me and you; surely He is Aware of His servants, Seeing.
And whomsoever Allah guides, he is the follower of the right way, and whomsoever He causes to err, you shall not find for him guardians besides Him; and We will gather them together on the day of resurrection on their faces, blind and dumb and deaf; their abode is hell; whenever it becomes allayed We will add to their burning.
This is their retribution because they disbelieved in Our communications and said What! when we shall have become bones and decayed particles, shall we then indeed be raised up into a new creation? [QS. 17:94-98]

And indeed, if we are not wise rate themselves, seek guidance from the misguided, and wrong in understanding (because the world love will simplify of the understanding and change the theorem godlike with theorem idea), it is not impossible we inclusion would from faction from people who losing.

The likeness of this world's life is only as water which We send down from the cloud, then the herbage of the earth of which men and cattle eat grows luxuriantly thereby, until when the earth puts on its golden raiment and it becomes garnished, and its people think that they have power over it, Our command comes to it, by night or by day, so We render it as reaped seed; produce, as though it had not been in existence yesterday; thus do We make clear the communications for a people who reflect. [QS. 10:24]

May God always shows us the straight path.

1) "Taubat" by Imam Al Ghazali.

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