Nay! I swear by the day of resurrection. [QS. 75:1] ; Nay! I swear by the self-accusing soul. [QS. 75:2] ; Does man think that We shall not gather his bones? [QS. 75:3] ; Yea! We are able to make complete his very fingertips [QS. 75:4] ; Nay! man desires to give the lie to what is before him. [QS. 75:5] ; He asks: When is the day of resurrection? [QS. 75:6] ; So when the sight becomes dazed, [QS. 75:7] ; And the moon becomes dark, [QS. 75:8] ; And the sun and the moon are brought together, [QS. 75:9] ; Man shall say on that day: Whither to fly to? [QS. 75:10] ; By no means! there shall be no place of refuge! [QS. 75:11] ; With your Lord alone shall on that day be the place of rest. [QS. 75:12] ; Man shall on that day be informed of what he sent before and (what he) put off. [QS. 75:13] ; Nay! man is evidence against himself, [QS. 75:14] ; Though he puts forth his excuses. [QS. 75:15] ; Do not move your tongue with it to make haste with it, [QS. 75:16] ; Surely on Us (devolves) the collecting of it and the reciting of it. [QS. 75:17] ; Therefore when We have recited it, follow its recitation. [QS. 75:18] ; Again on Us (devolves) the explaining of it. [QS. 75:19] ; Nay! But you love the present life, [QS. 75:20] ; And neglect the hereafter. [QS. 75:21] ; (Some) faces on that day shall be bright, [QS. 75:22] ; Looking to their Lord. , [QS. 75:23] ; And (other) faces on that day shall be gloomy, [QS. 75:24] ; Knowing that there will be made to befall them some great calamity. [QS. 75:25] ; Nay! When it comes up to the throat, . [QS. 75:26] ; And it is said: Who will be a magician? [QS. 75:27] ; And he is sure that it is the (hour of) parting [QS. 75:28] ; And affliction is combined with affliction; [QS. 75:29] ; To your Lord on that day shall be the driving. [QS. 75:30] ; So he did not accept the truth, nor did he pray, [QS. 75:31] ; But called the truth a lie and turned back, [QS. 75:32] ; Then he went to his followers, walking away in haughtiness. [QS. 75:33] ; Nearer to you (is destruction) and nearer, [QS. 75:34] ; Again (consider how) nearer to you and nearer. [QS. 75:35] ; Does man think that he is to be left to wander without an aim? [QS. 75:36] ; Was he not a small seed in the seminal elements, [QS. 75:37] ; Then he was a clot of blood, so He created (him) then made (him) perfect. [QS. 75:38] ; Then He made of him two kinds, the male and the female. [QS. 75:39] ; Is not He able to give life to the dead? [QS. 75:39].

Rabu, 07 Januari 2009

Signs before the coming of the Large Signs ( Kubra )

Religion has given us to know that the knowledge about the second coming of Resurrection is only with God, , But God also gave to the people of God in a sign that if the signs that have come, then the seconds coming of Resurrection is at hand. Large signs (Kubra) will not come before the emergence of signs Small (Sughra) occurred. Where there are signs of when that happens, people are given the opportunity to repent from a mistake-guilty, but there's time where the door was closed when the signs that happens. And whether we like to wait at the door of repentance that has been closed? Even that signs of Resurrection will come in suddenly without us know when. And indeed, that the sequence signs are a reminder of God, and when people are given a warning after it signs or, indeed, they are wrong themselves.
We did not destroy anything Country, but have for the people who gave a warning; to be a warning. And we will not be wrong. [QS. 26:208-209]

Here, among other signs of Small (Sughra) of Resurrection, where the signs have been passed or going, are going on and continue to occur (and likely not aware or conscious, and we do not care about it), and signs that possibility has not happened, and will occur sometime later (right when you're done reading this sentence ...), either tomorrow or sometime.

1. Prophet Muhammad saw to come near Crack of doom.
2. Death of the Prophet Muhammad saw near Crack of doom.
3. The opening of the Baitul Maqdis
4. Mortality much people
5. Earth spend the properties is abundant
6. The emergence of scandal-Defamation
7. Defamation occurs, Caliph have been killed and the people is broken
8. Jamal War
9. Shiffin War
10. The emergence Khawarij
11. The emergence of the Prophet, False Prophets
12. The emergence Hadist-Counterfeit hadist
13. The emergence of fire in the Hijaz illuminate the neck of camel in Bashra
14. The emergence of a disaster
15. War against Turkey
16. The emergence of the authorities haphazardly
17. Has disappeared responsibility, and matters was given to the people who are not expert
18. "Taklid" and follow the Sunnah of the first
19. The emergence of the women who dressed but naked
20. Slave woman giving birth employer
21. The herd of goats naked foot race build the building
22. free sex, Sutra (for men), Khamr, and musical instrument, occurred
23. Special greeting, commerce everywhere, dropped out of fraternity and false testimony
24. Garnish each other and boast Mosque
25. Science vanish, ignorance everywhere and many murders occurred
26. The world becomes increasingly narrow
27. Envious to the tomb and hope someone replaces the dead because of the weight test
28. City of Medina scrape deterioration
29. Waters of river Eufrat recede and leave the mountain of gold
30. Return Arab peninsula into gardens and rivers
31. The truth of a dream Mukmin
32. Speaking wild animals and objects to the people
33. Have fun "lika bin luka"
34. War against the Jews
35. Defamation “Ahlas and Dahma'”
36. Ran with the religion to the top of the mountain because the severity Defamation
37. The backlash against the Sunnah of the Prophet
38. Changing the times of up to worship idols and the phenomenon than the belief except of God everywhere in the body of the people
39. The emergence of a man's Qathan be obeyed by the people
40. The people gang up on Muslims
41. Economic and food boycott to the Islamic countries
42. many people and the people Roman (west) win.
43. Defeat Konstantinopel and Roma.

Each alert over the possibility that there is already going on and passed, there is still ongoing and will continue to progress and there is also not the case. Each sign is not arranged according to the above sequence of events, because of the arrival will occur and the signs are that no one knows. Try to calculate we start, was already small signs that have been and are still happening? And how to live more small signs that not happening?
If so, we will remain unguarded and ostensibly did not know the signs when it happens in the middle of us?

So if people who hold the information that came from their Lord, with the same people that (the devil) to make him look good deeds that they are bad and follow their appetite?
(What) parable (the) promised heaven to those who fear Allah in which there are rivers of water that never change the taste and smell, and rivers of milk, water does not change the taste, and rivers of wine delicious it's for people who drink and rivers of honey is filtered, and they get in all kinds of fruit and forgiveness from their God, together with the people in the eternal hell and given a drink with boiling water so that cut their gut?
And among them there are people who hear the your word so when they come out from your side, the people say to people who have been given knowledge: "What he said just now?" They are the people who seal their hearts by God and follow their appetite.
And those who want to receive instructions, God's instructions to add to them and give them a reply compliance(ketakwaan) for them
But they did not wait but wait Of Resurrection (that is) that came to them with a sudden, as indeed has come marks. So good for them if their awareness of Resurrection when it has come? [QS. 47: 14-18]

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